The Beginning

When I turned 46, I joined a couple “over 40” fitness groups on Facebook and noticed some incredibly fit people who’ve either made substantial physical transformations or those who’ve simply remained physically fit throughout life.

It was then I asked myself, “how do they do it!?” And with that, the journey of this website began.

While it sounds basic, “eat right and workout”, it leaves much to the imagination … hence the multi-million dollar industry of fitness and dieting publications guiding people down a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Who are the Blabbers

Blabbers are those people who’ve succeeded in being, and maintaining, a healthy lifestyle…the physically and mentally strong; Those who’ve made amazing transformations and those who’ve stayed fit.

The Vision

Success of Blab Fitness will ultimately be measured by the number of Blabbers who contribute and show the rest of us how they do it! My hope is that people who are looking to make positive changes in their life will find an index of people…the Blabbers, who match their own characteristics and use the “fitness ingredients” that best suits them.

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Share your fitness ingredients so others in search of real information on how you do it can learn from your successes.