What Are Fitness Ingredients?


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Here you'll find out what "Fitness Ingredients" are and how they'll help you achieve your fitness goals.
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    What Are Fitness Ingredients?

    When most think of the word “ingredients” food comes to mind!

    Ingredients are also “elements” of things … not necessarily only food related.

    Blab Fitness defines Fitness Ingredients as: The elements that people (Blabbers) use accomplish health and fitness goals!

    Where Do Fitness Ingredients Come From?

    The short answer is, the Blabber Form!

    The Blabber Form is a series of questions and was developed to glean details from people who are healthy and fit or those who’ve made substantial gains over their fitness journey.

    After the questions are submitted by the “Blabber,” a post is created from which people can check out and read their fitness ingredients!

    How Will Fitness Ingredients Help Me Achieve My Goals?

    Understanding how people get and stay in shape will provide you with an understanding what YOU need to to to achieve your goals.

    Example One

    Say you’re female and wanting to get in shape.  You’ve heard that drinking booze is a no no when it comes to getting or remaining in shape.  On Blab Fitness, you’ll be able to search for Blabbers who also drink alcohol, check out their photo and get an idea of how they’ve accomplished their goals while still having sips now and then.

    Take a look at their photo(s) and ask yourself, would you be satisfied with those results?

    If the answer is “yes”, dig deeper into their ingredients and see what else they do or don’t do to stay in shape.

    Example Two

    Now say you’re wondering how people differ who primarily run to stay in shape vs those who do bodybuilding.

    You’ll be able to examine the tools used,  how often they train, what a runners physique looks like in comparison to a bodybuilder.

    By understanding what a persons fitness ingredients are, you'll understand what YOU can do to reach your goals!

    Where Do I Find a Person's Fitness Ingredients?

    And finally, where the heck are the fitness ingredients located?

    Below is a complete list of fitness ingredients.

    Also, as you can with Hollie, below her image is a list of fitness ingredients you cam select.

    Simply click on any one of those ingredients and you’ll see all Blabbers who have that same ingredient in their Blabber From submission.

    Comprehensive List of All Fitness Ingredients



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