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When filling out this form, keep in mind

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  • More detail the helps others more
  • Be honest!
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"Having real fitness tips from real people has been incredibly helpful. Thank You."

“Integrity is telling myself the truth.

Honesty is telling the truth to other people.”

What Happens After You Submit Form?

After you submit the Blabber From, your entries become your personal “Fitness Ingredients”.

Those Fitness Ingredients will help others understand how you’ve managed to remain fit and/or how you’ve lost the pounds on your weight loss journey.

The images and information you provide will automatically become a public post on this website so that people can better understand which “ingredients” they’ll need to incorporate on their personal journey.

Here is an example you can expect after filling out the Blabber Form. [check out vitamin’s example submission here]

If you’re in the fitness industry and would like to promote, you’ll be able to share your business website, Instagram feed or Facebook page.

Also after submission, you’ll be redirected to a page which will allow you to subscribe to your post so that if someone makes a comment or has a question, you’ll be notified via email!

The Honesty Problem

One section of the form asks users to indicate whether they’ve used anabolics to supplement their physical transformation and/or gains.

The reality is, anabolics have received a bad rap over the years because of the hype when someone over uses….they’re also presently illegal.

Because they’re illegal, people who have used or currently use anabolics, worry about employers finding out!  Makes sense to me.

With that, I asked a fitness community how to better ask the question.   The replies I received varied from helpful to hateful.  Some said, just don’t ask the question!

This website is to educate people who may not know much about fitness, how to accomplish their goals.  And if those goals are to build a physique “like that guy,” they need to know it gets done.

So, that’s why I think it’s important to ask the anabolic question.  People need to know HOW to achieved their goals and have a reality check that not all those incredibly lean muscular people have done it without anabolics. 

If you have any suggestions on a better way to ask the question or ideas on the subject, let me know!

With all that said and as a reader, you’ll have to use some judgment on whether you think the Blabber has been honest in their answer to the question on anabolics.


If you have any suggestions for this form, be sure to contact me and let me know!