Austin Pryce's Fitness Ingredients

Name: Austin Pryce

Gender: Male

Wear and tear? Age 18-29

Do you work in the health & fitness industry? Yes : Personal trainer

› Find out more about me here: [link]

Who are your mentors? KaI greene, Julian smith, dominik sky, Greg plitt

Primary style of training: Bodybuilding

About how many hours do you exercise in a week? 10 hours

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? No

Do you drink cows milk? Yes

Servings of Alcohol per week? Don’t drink or Very rarely

Anabolic use? No

Uses supplements? Yes

› Supplements I use: Whey Protein

Favorite muscle group to workout? Legs

Least favorite muscle group to workout? Calfskin and neck

Biggest challenge to staying in shape? Friends who are committed to similar goals

Gym etiquette…what are your pet peeves?

Racking of weights after use. Using phones on the machines


Do you count calories? Yes

› What tools do you use to measure caloric intake and/or expenditure?

Apps and my calculator and my food scale

Do you manage your macro nutrients? Yes

My BMR/RMR is: 1,500

Maintenance calories: 5,500

Daily meal plan example:

Do you bulk & cut cycle? No

Example of a day’s meal plan when maintaining:

Breakfast: Bread eggs beacon, A mixture of lemon and garlic solution, Juice or coffee
Lunch: Nshima or rice with beef or chicken and vegetables after 2 hours some whey Protein shake
Before the gym: Creatine
Dinner: Rice carrots and peas fish or chicken and a fruit salad

Example of Austin Pryce’s Weekly Workout Regime


Bench press 10 sets of 15 reps with weight increasing in each set
Dumbell flyes 5 sets by 8 reps with increase in weight with each set

Tuesday: Rest


Pull up’s 5 sets 10 reps
Dumbell rows 5 sets 10 -15 reps
Seated cable row 10 sets 10 reps
Barbell row 3 sets 6 – 8 reps

Thursday: Rest


Legs (increase in weight with each set)
Squats 5 sets 10 reps
Walking Lunges 3 sets
Leg press 6 sets 15 reps
Leg extension 7 sets 10 – 12 sets

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


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One Comment I’m Austin Pryce. I mostly do Bodybuilding to stay fit

  1. Wow, 5500 calories of maintenance! You must burn some serious energy at the gym…that’s far more than I would have ever imagined for maintenance. Hope 2019 treats you very, very well.

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