Peter Woodrush's Fitness Ingredients

Name: Peter Woodrush

Gender: Male

Wear and tear? Age 50-59

Occupation: Glass Manufacturing

Who are your mentors? Dont really have any. Of course I like Arnie, who doesnt.

Primary style of training: Bodybuilding

About how many hours do you exercise in a week? 9 hours

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? No

Do you drink cows milk? Yes

Servings of Alcohol per week? 7 to 9 drinks

Anabolic use? No

Uses supplements? Yes

› Supplements I use:

Protein shakes, pre workout, magnesium and multivitamin

Favorite muscle group to workout? Chest

Least favorite muscle group to workout? Legs

Biggest challenge to staying in shape?

Age. Recovery takes longer. Injuries take a lot longer. It mkes doing shift work easier, but doing shift work makes it harder to motivate yourself sometimes

Thoughts on gym etiquette?

People not putting their weights away really annoys me


Do you count calories? Yes

› What tools do you use to measure caloric intake and/or expenditure?

Myfitness pal for tracking calories consumed

Do you manage your macro nutrients? Yes

My BMR/RMR is: 1,930

Maintenance calories: 2,900

Daily meal plan example(s):

Do you bulk & cut cycle? No

Example of a day’s meal plan when maintaining:

Cereal for breakfast. chicken or fish for lunch with bowl of fruit. yogurt protein shake for snack in the afternoon. meat and vegtables for dinner. Protein bar and yogurt for evening snack

An Example Week of Peter Woodrush’s Workout Regime

Monday: Workout

Legs and abbs

Tuesday: Workout

Chest and tris

Wednesday: Workout

Back and bi’s

Thursday: Workout

Legs and abbs

Friday: Workout

Shoulders and tris

Saturday: Workout

Lats and bi’s

Sunday: Rest

Peter Woodrush’s Fitness Journey

Turned forty and felt like an old man weighing in at 105kg. Previously had done weightlifting and swimming so decided to get back into the gym. Have not looked back and will never stop now. Current age 53 an weigh 82kg

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