vitamin's Fitness Ingredients

Name: vitamin

Gender: Male

Wear and tear? Age 40-49

Occupation: Travel

Primary style of training: Cross Training

Uses supplements? Yes

› Supplements I use(d): Protein and pre-workout if going to do intense workout.

Favorite muscle group to workout? chest and biceps

Least favorite muscle group to workout? legs

Biggest challenge to staying in shape? time management and work

Gym etiquette…my pet peeves are: When people don’t put the weights back when done.


Do you count calories? Yes

› What tools do you use to measure caloric intake and/or expenditure? MFP and Garmin Fenix 3 HR

Do you manage your macro nutrients? No

My BMR/RMR is: 1,950

Maintenance calories: 2,000

Daily meal plan example:

Example of a day’s meal plan when maintaining: I use the Bill Phillips method of portions…fist size of lean protein, fist full size of good carbs and some fruits and vegetables a few times a day.

vitamin’s Workouts

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Back and Biceps .. about 60 minutes

Tuesday: Chest and Tri’s .. ~ 60 minutes

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Legs and abs. Takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes;

Friday: HIIT .. about 30 minutes

Saturday: Rest

Other info about my fitness journey: It’s a journey no doubt. I have my off and on times for sure.


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