Hollie's Fitness Ingredients

Name: Hollie

Gender: Female

Wear and tear? Age 30-39

Occupation: Office worker

Who are your mentors? My coach Wayne stewart and Dave palumbo

Primary style of training: Bodybuilding

Do you lift heavy? Yes

› About the concerns of lifting heavy & being female: This is not the case a good clean diet combined with weight training can lead to a wonderful toned look – it doesn’t need to lead to a lot of muscle unless that’s what you would like

About how many hours do you exercise in a week? 10 hours

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? No

Do you drink cows milk? No

Servings of Alcohol per week? Don’t drink or Very rarely

Anabolic use? No

Uses supplements? Yes

› Supplements I use: Whey isolate, magnesium, all of species range by Dave palimbo, turmeric, liver stabil (off season), extra vitamin d3, berocca

Favorite muscle group to workout? Shoulders and hammys

Least favorite muscle group to workout? Legs!!

Biggest challenge to staying in shape? Avoiding too many treats off season

Gym etiquette…what are your pet peeves? If people leave sweat on machines or cough and splutter next to me on cardio machine


Do you count calories? Yes

› What tools do you use to measure caloric intake and/or expenditure? My diet was created by my trainer and is tailored by him

Do you manage your macro nutrients? Yes

My BMR/RMR is: 1,000

Maintenance calories: 1,600

Cutting calories: 1,300

Bulking calories: 1,800

Daily meal plan example:

Do you bulk & cut cycle? Yes

Example of a day’s meal plan when maintaining: I’m either cutting or bulking

Example of a day’s meal plan when cutting: Every 4 hours across 5 meals. Involving cod, tuna, potato, rice, oats, and asparagus, courgetti or spinach. Sat night I have a cheat meal whatever I like.

Example of a day’s meal plan when bulking: Similar but no cod instead chicken, and at the moment I eat a lot of treats too but need to reign it in in January.

Example of Hollie’s Weekly Workout Regime

Biggest difference between your cutting and bulking workouts? I’m not as strong when cutting so lighter weight plus I cardio for 30 mins 5xweek when cutting

Monday: Back biceps and abs

Tuesday: Chest and triceps

Wednesday: Shoulder calves and hamstrings

Thursday: Glutes and quads

Friday: Back to first muscle group again

Saturday: Work with horses 2 hours and posing practice of cutting

Sunday: Work with horses 2 hrs only

Hollie’s Fitness Journey

I did first qualifier bodybuilding show in jersey in 2017 and got invited to pca uk finals in Oct 2018 where I came 3rd in UK and qualified for the pca worlds 2 weeks later. I didn’t place but learned a great deal. I’m now growing muscle to compete end of 2019.

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