MJ's Fitness Ingredients

Name: MJ

Gender: Female

Wear and tear? Age 40-49

Do you work in the health & fitness industry? Yes : Online personal trainer and nutrition coach

Find out more about me here: [link]

Who are your mentors? Dana Linn Baily, Michelle Lewin, Cass Martin

Primary style of training: Bodybuilding

Do you lift heavy? Yes

› About the concerns of lifting heavy & being female: Quit making excuses and do it. Just don’t touch steroids and you’ll be fine!

About how many hours do you exercise in a week? 13 hours

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? No

Do you drink cows milk? Yes

Servings of Alcohol per week? Don’t drink or Very rarely

Anabolic use? No

Uses supplements? No

Favorite muscle group to workout? Shoulders and biceps

Least favorite muscle group to workout? Hamstrings

Biggest challenge to staying in shape? None anymore

Gym etiquette…my pet peeves are: Dont have any. Wait, being on fb while on a machine.


Do you count calories? No

› Method/philosophy of eating without counting calories: Eat healthy 90% of my week and portion control.

Daily meal plan example:

Do you bulk & cut cycle? Yes

Example of a day’s meal plan when maintaining: Dont have one.

Example of a day’s meal plan when cutting: Dont have one.

Example of a day’s meal plan when bulking: Dont have one.

MJ’s Workouts

Biggest difference between your cutting and bulking workouts? Caloric surplus or deficit.

Monday: Whatever i feel like. Weights then cardio.

Tuesday: Same as above

Wednesday: Same as above

Thursday: Same as above

Friday: Same as above

Saturday: Same as above

Sunday: Whatever I feel like. Always weights, then cardio.

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